Since the community meeting, we have been working super hard in the background to determine our next steps (and of course preparing for the meet up.) and it has become apparent that big changes are needed.

After a lot of careful thought we have decided to completely overhaul everything and bring us back revamped and revitalised. Our core values, the team and the processes behind how our GTA RP server will be run will all change.

A “back to basics” approach if you will, where we have looked at every aspect of the city and how we can improve or adapt.

This is more than just a rebrand, this is going to be something completely new, with a new look and… a new name… Which will be revealed in due course.

This will be a completely clean slate and a fresh start for all areas and the only thing we aren't doing is moving discord.

After 3 years of loving GTARP in different formats, we still have the same drive and determination to create something you can all truly enjoy!

We are aiming for Early May to Relaunch and we will be doing all the marketing promotion we can to get the server booming for opening.

The current server will close mid March (coinciding with the end of our current hosting contract) so that we can start our preparations to bring you the new city, we will mark the end of CGHRP with a good old fashioned series of events leading to a completely chaotic night of degen. More news on when that will be very soon! You will see changes to the discord once CGHRP closes.

Emzy & Kev