GTA RP Rules

Business Rules

These Rules and guidelines create a safe and enjoyable environment for everybody. The enforcement of these rules is done entirely at staff discretion. The first and foremost rule is 'Roleplay'. Ultimately, using these rules, our staff are the ones to decide if your actions have gone against our standard of roleplay or not.

As well as these rules, all gameplay must adhere to Twitch Terms of Service and Twitch Community Guidelines. Ignorance of these rules is no defence, It is your responsibility to keep up to date with all rules and community guidelines.

  • Businesses will be allocated and approved on the basis that they will be run for the betterment of the city, and not just for personal gain.
    If your business is big enough, you should employ people to help you keep it going. Don’t rely on running it yourself.
  • All businesses must have a uniform.
    (This helps support our hostage rules). The uniform must be clearly distinguishable, for example overalls, clothing with logos etc.
  • Any business not being seen to be open and trading regularly may be forfeit.
    In this event, it will either be opened to others to submit a proposal to take ownership, or it will be removed from the city.
  • Any business not operating for a period of 21 days without first notifying the GTA Admin Team may be repossessed.
    Running a business in RP can feel as involved as running one in real life.
  • If you lose the business in RP, you will need to re-apply to start a new one.
    Consider very carefully when attracting crime to your place of work. Try to avoid any conflict in your workplace. Constant trouble will only drive customers away and ultimately may cost you the business.
  • Businesses must be kept separate from crime.
    For example, using the business bank account to store illegal money. Likewise, removing money from the business bank account to directly fund criminal activity is not allowed. Business storage must not be used to store illegal items. Businesses may be held accountable to ensuring staff & customers are not committing crime on the premises.
  • All employees must be paid minimum wage which is to be paid out of your business bank account.
    You cannot force a player to work without physically going on duty.
  • You must not use your business premises for shelter to avoid conflict.
  • You may only own one business per character.
  • When approved for a business you will not own the building, it is leased to you.
    Your business premises may be altered without notice if required.
  • If a business building has to be removed we will work with you on relocating the business.
  • You must inform the GTA Admin Team if you are looking to transfer a business to another player.
    The new owner may be asked for a fresh business proposal if they wish to make major changes to how it is run.