GTA RP Rules

Gang Rules

These Rules and guidelines create a safe and enjoyable environment for everybody. The enforcement of these rules is done entirely at staff discretion. The first and foremost rule is 'Roleplay'. Ultimately, using these rules, our staff are the ones to decide if your actions have gone against our standard of roleplay or not.

As well as these rules, all gameplay must adhere to Twitch Terms of Service and Twitch Community Guidelines. Ignorance of these rules is no defence, It is your responsibility to keep up to date with all rules and community guidelines.

  • In order to become an ‘official’ gang you must have been formed and present in the city for 14 days prior to your application.
    You should have territory/turf that you have claimed within RP.
  • New gangs may be subject to a 30-day probationary period.
    The gang leader is responsible for recruiting trustworth people and is expected to ensure their gang is following server rules.
  • Gangs can operate with a maximum of 12 players.
  • The four person rule remains in place for all heist or police criminal activity.
    The only exception to this rule would be RP scenarios that involve pushing/defending gang turf, where you can use the full force of your gang. Please ensure this fits around your RP storyline, and isn’t just used to show force unnecessarily.
  • Crafting benches must not be located in private areas such as locked compounds.
    This is to ensure rival gangs have a fair chance to contest.
  • You cannot force civilians to change the colours of their vehicles, clothing, or hair, even if you deem them to be similar to that of your gang colours.
    If someone intentionally imitates your gang to tarnish your reputation, you are allowed to confront them.
  • Rival gang clothing can only be ‘stolen‘ through roleplay actions, such as theft or robbery.
    You should not purchase another gang’s clothing from the store, just because you’re able to do so mechanically.
  • Gang wars require both sides to initiate the RP to create a full-blown conflict
    To start a full out war, gangs must establish a dialogue of terms and resolution that would end the warring.
  • Gang RP and escalation of force needs to be measured
    Going to war over a twitter post or a traffic accident is not going to provide the weight to have a great RP storyline.
  • The cooldown between conflict scenarios is 2 hours.
    This is to avoid continued escalation of situations. If you are downed from a conflict with a rival gang, the cool down period should be observed before taking revenge.