GTA RP Rules

General and Gameplay Rules

These Rules and guidelines create a safe and enjoyable environment for everybody. The enforcement of these rules is done entirely at staff discretion. The first and foremost rule is 'Roleplay'. Ultimately, using these rules, our staff are the ones to decide if your actions have gone against our standard of roleplay or not.

As well as these rules, all gameplay must adhere to Twitch Terms of Service and Twitch Community Guidelines. Ignorance of these rules is no defence, It is your responsibility to keep up to date with all rules and community guidelines.

General Rules

  1. Don't be a dick.
    This is our number one rule.
  2. You must be over 18 to play.
  3. You must have a good quality microphone, ideally without excessive background noise, or anything else restricting clarity.
    Realistic Voice Mods of good quality are permitted. CGH RP is predominantly an english speaking server. If for any reason you cannot use voice within the city, please reach out to the staff team.
  4. Stay in character at all times.
    If you encounter a rule break in the city, continue your RP scene and report the incident through a Discord ticket afterward.
  5. You may have more than one character
    But you should explore different RP avenues for each, and not be involved in the same gangs or businesses.
  6. There are a number of RP storylines and characters which are not permitted.
    These include; vigilante RP, racism, beastiality, rape, bullying, harrassment, suicide. Any political, celebrity, or trademark character names are also not permitted. Religious RP, names and personalities are not allowed in the city. For example, Jesus, Satan, etc.
  7. Any third party mods, software, exploits or hacks are not permitted, with the exception of some graphical enhancement mods.
    Please check our FAQ for a full list of approved modifications.
  8. Please be respectful of other members of the community.
    Any behaviour which could be deemed as toxicity will not be tolerated. CGH has a zero tolerance policy towards derogatory terms and hate speech.
  9. Any music played in the city must be DMCA-free.
  10. If the GTA Admin Team determine that your roleplay quality is below our standards, then you may receive a warning via a Discord ticket.
    If your roleplay continues to fall below our standards, even after a warning, then you may be temporarily or permanently banned.
  11. The GTA Admin Team are here to ensure a positive experience in the city
    However sometimes have to make difficult decisions. If you disagree with any decisions made, please submit a ticket on Discord.
  12. Report all bugs/faults found

    Report bugs and faults via the Discord ticketing system. Please provide as much evidence as possible, for example; logs, screenshots, or videos/clips.

    Requests for refunds of missing items will require proof of previous ownership.

Gameplay Rules

  • Do not RDM/VDM (Random Deathmatch/Vehicle Deathmatch)
    Randomly assaulting or killing fellow players without a justifiable in-game motive is strictly prohibited. This includes running players over with vehicles for no reason. Any PvP encounters should be built up over time, and have a justifiable in-character reason.
  • Do not Metagame
    Information you’ve gained out of character cannot be used in RP. This includes information from Discord, Twitch, or any other methods. If your character doesn't know it, then don't use it.
  • No Powergaming
    Powergaming, such as abusing game mechanics, trolling, police baiting, or performing any abusing actions to gain an advantage is strictly prohibited. More can be found on our FAQ page.
  • No Fail RP
    FailRP, such as abusing game mechanics, powergaming, using Voice ID, carrying more people than will fit in a vehicle is strictly prohibited. Some more examples can be found in our FAQ page.
  • Third Party Intervention
    Heist Crime
    If the group has a hostage and are out of the vehicle on the location of the heist, other citizens or criminal groups cannot attempt to interfere with the original group who initiated the heist.
    Non-Heist Crime
    3rd partying is allowed for non-heist crime, as long as the police are not present.
  • Value your life, and the life of others.
    Treat your character's life as you would your own. Don't put your life at risk unless absolutely necessary. If your character is put into a fearful situation (such as being taken hostage) then this should reflect in your RP. Being a hero can sometimes put others’ lives in danger, you must value the lives of other players. Similarly, if you're not involved in a criminal RP (e.g a police chase), don't involve yourself.
  • Criminal activity and numbers.
    A maximum of four individuals in a single group can partake in Hostile / Criminal Activities. Whilst you may have more than four people on your roster, this includes planning and organising multiple crimes at the same time with more than 4 people from the same organisation. If you are participating in a prison break, or Pacific Bank heists, then your group may contain up to six players. Please be realistic when performing any criminal activities. Excessive chaining of heists is not permitted and you must not perform any heists 15 minutes before or after a tsunami.
  • Hostages
    Anyone taken hostage must not be a willing participant. Both parties will be considered to be at fault should this be found to be the case. Hostages should not be taken from any hospital, and should not be taken from a place of work, if in uniform. Police can be taken hostage to enable an RP story to progress, but should not be taken to commit crimes such as stores & banks etc. There is no fixed time limit that you can hold a hostage for. As a hostage taker, it is your responsibility to ensure your hostages are kept healthy. On-Duty EMS cannot be taken hostage.
  • Respecting Roleplay and Consent
    If you are in an active roleplay scene you must complete the scene before disconnecting from the city. Leaving the city without reasoning (combat logging) is prohibited, except in cases of genuine OOC emergencies. You must remain in character at all times unless a GTA Admin Team member is talking to you regarding an ongoing issue. Never approach the GTA Admin Team in the city, with an OOC issue or report.

    Revenge RP is allowed within the city, however you must ensure there is a resolution. For example, an ocean dump so there is no longer a continuous cycle of violence.

    At all times you should recognise consent within RP. This means that fellow players feel in control, feel safe and are enjoying the experience.

    If you are uncomfortable with the way your character is being treated or it feels that it's being taken OOC, please /report it.
  • No Forced RP
    Forcing a player into a situation they may not feel comfortable with is strictly prohibited. You should always be open minded to allow a player to exit an RP scene if they feel uncomfortable. Forcing injuries or death against other players is strictly prohibited.
  • Robbing and Stealing
    Robbing Items from another player should only be completed when it allows you to continue your RP progression. Pocket Wiping (the act of stealing all of a player’s items) should be avoided. The robbing of EMS staff or their vehicle contents is strictly prohibited. Any robbing of police should be as part of an RP scenario and not just loot boxing for weapons. You can steal any police issued equipment including weapons. You can also steal any evidence carried by an officer or in their vehicle.
  • No Erotic Roleplay
    Under no circumstances is ERP permitted.
  • You cannot force another to withdraw money
    You cannot force another to withdraw any money from their personal or business accounts.
  • Helicopters/planes are restricted
    The use of helicopters, or jets, in the city is off-limits without a pilot licence. This can be obtained through the flight school in the city.
  • No-conflict zones
    The grounds of any hospital are designated as no-conflict zones. No crime or violence is permitted in these locations.
  • Police Baiting and Emergency Vehicles
    You should not intentionally provoke or engage in conflict with members of the Police Department in order to create a new roleplay scene. During active roleplay scenes, police vehicles can be stolen, however this should be an absolute last resort. The police vehicle should only be kept for as long as is required to aid your escape. EMS vehicles cannot be stolen.
  • Government Official Corruption
    EMS, PD, DOJ or Real Estate Agents are not allowed to be corrupt in any way without prior GTA Admin Team approval.
  • Fort Zancudo
    Fort Zancudo is off limits for everyday civilian use however is accessible for flight school students, Government Officers for Training Purposes and EMS during Organ runs.
  • Downed, Flat on Back, Unconscious, Dead
    A player is classified as downed when they are ‘bleeding out’. They have been injured and are unable to move, but can call for EMS help, and can communicate verbally.
    Flat on Back
    A player that is flat on their back has ‘bled out’ and requires urgent medical assistance. They are no longer able to communicate verbally, but can use /me for medical roleplay reasons.
    A player who has been ‘knocked out’ or is ‘unconscious’ cannot communicate verbally, and will not be aware of their surroundings. You would not be able to recall any memories of the time that you were unconscious for.
    A player that is dead has decided to end their character's journey entirely, this is also known as a perma-death. There is no returning from a perma-death, and all actions are final. Perma-deaths should be communicated via /me commands, using tasteful and factual phrases such as “no pulse” or “heart stops”. We encourage all players who wish to take this route, to do so over a long period of time - IE, think about it very carefully first. You can remain “sick in Ward C” for a period of time before deciding to commit to a perma-death. Where possible, perma-deaths should have a high quality roleplay story behind them, and should not include emotive diseases such as cancer etc.
  • Compensation requires evidence.
    If you've lost items, money or anything else in city, you must provide evidence of it's previous existence for any compensation to be awarded. If putting important items in your pocket, trunk or storage, make sure you either take screenshots of the inventory, or have some form of screen recording (e.g Medal) to prove you had that item.