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Considering joining the Police or EMS? Or are you planning to start a life of crime? Below you'll find both the link to the PD/EMS Discord, as well as the latest revision of our Penal Code, which governs the legal repurcussions of crimes within the city.

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A message from the CGH RP Admin Team

Guidance for storylines & story arcs in RP

Our drive as admins will always be to encourage community driven events, new stories, and creativity in RP interactions. In the past it was expressed to us that stepping in, even when trying to be helpful, came off as us attempting to "script the RP" or "box characters", that made for less organic and less satisfying scenarios. It is for this reason and our own RP desires as players that we avoid getting involved in storylines/ arcs unless absolutely necessary. So on that note, we wish to offer some guidance to consider when creating these new RP ventures for your characters.


A good story is one where you have time to experience the intensity, the laughts, the quiet and the tangled longevity alongside the characters. Think of your favourite RP experiences and arcs - were they all quiet, non action moments? All crazy intense GASP-worthy moments non stop? MOst likely not, the best stories give us time to soak everything in and play out at valleys and peaks at different times.

Ripple Effect

Cinsider that your story has ripples seen and unseen that stretch beyond your experience. Even a simple sideline observation of a large story can set off a small group of characters on their own new story arc. Your story can effect someone "six degrees of separation" from you as much as the group directly surrounding you for better or for worse. Never dismiss the importance of how your ripple effects other characters' daily lives and if it may or may not be desired. Additionally, your individual character decisions directly or indirectly can enhance someone else's RP as well. Be mindful, keep it organic!

Other perspectives

Keep in mind that what you observe in city or even via streams is not the whole story most of the time - There could be layers and layers of interactions you aren't aware of, so please don't discount an entire story arc by a group of characters simply because of only what you might be seeing.

Other side of the coin, never assume that just because your story arc is very clear in your mind that it is to other players; because of this be sure to also house understanding when their investment and excitement doesn't match your own.


Jult like life, things don't work out the way we see them or hope they will, but that can just as much be a positive thing if you run with it. Read the room, read the moments - adapt and be open to changes and new possibilities.