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Downbad is a unique DayZ server using a selection of mods to enhance the vanilla experience without taking away that "DayZ feel" that we all love. Whether you like to PVP, build or just adventure, we have you covered. Structured loot progression system taking you across the map going to underground bunkers, keycard rooms, toxic locations and finally our island complete with;

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Dakota River Bend

Dakota River Bend (DRB) was created with the intent to provide a space for avid Red Dead Redemption fans. The founding team grew tired of disappointing updates for the online gameplay, and so they set out to create their own Red Dead Online.

A place where players would receive regular updates, active moderation against toxic players, contribute their own thoughts and ideas towards future updates, and start their own stories.

DRB consider themselves as casual RP to be a style that is receptive to inexperienced roleplay and the mistakes that often come with it, however roleplay etiquette is still relevant and enforced. DRB Hold the same ethos as us the main priority is they want all their players no matter of experience levels to feel welcome and comfortable, taking their time to acclimate to the world of RP, and the many treasures it holds.

So enjoy this amazing chance to go back to 1899 and enjoy the Wild Wild West!

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Sahara Gaming

SaharaGaming is a UK-based company with a small but growing brand. Despite our size, we maintain a positive outlook because we firmly believe that there are always better options available - we just need to be open to exploring them.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the opportunities that lie beyond our immediate scope. At SaharaGaming, we pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to discovering and pursuing new options. Whether it's in our product offerings or our business practices, we are always striving to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our company. From our top-notch customer service to our cutting-edge technology, we are constantly seeking ways to improve and enhance the SaharaGaming experience. We believe that this approach not only benefits our customers but also positions us for long-term success in the competitive gaming industry.

So why settle for mediocrity when you can have something exceptional? Join us at SaharaGaming and discover the power of a positive mindset and a commitment to excellence.

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