GTA RP Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

These Rules and guidelines create a safe and enjoyable environment for everybody. The enforcement of these rules is done entirely at staff discretion. The first and foremost rule is 'Roleplay'. Ultimately, using these rules, our staff are the ones to decide if your actions have gone against our standard of roleplay or not.

As well as these rules, all gameplay must adhere to Twitch Terms of Service and Twitch Community Guidelines. Ignorance of these rules is no defence, It is your responsibility to keep up to date with all rules and community guidelines.

  • Q: How do I report a player?
    A: Use /report in-game or submit a ticket on the CGH Discord. Provide details and evidence through the Discord ticketing system. Processing time is up to a week, usually 24 hours.
  • Q: Will direct messages to staff members work for reporting players?
    A: No, use the Discord ticketing system. Direct messages may be ignored and you will be redirected to submit a ticket.
  • Q: Are revenge reports (reporting somebody because they reported you) allowed?
    A: No, revenge reports are not allowed.
  • Q: How can I report a staff member?
    A: Use the "staff reports" button in the Discord ticket section. This is only seen by Community Leads and Admin Leads.
  • Q: Why is reporting evidence important?
    A: It ensures accurate and fair decisions, promotes community safety, and assists in compensation. Any evidence shared with the admins may also be used for educational purposes within the community.
  • Q: Which graphical modifications are permitted on CGH RP?
    A: Koil Reshaders, NVE, ENB, Other Graphics Enhancers that do not give you an advantage over other players.
  • Q: What are some examples of OOC?
    A: OOC means to act or speak ‘out of character’. Some examples of OOC are mentioning things that are external to the city, such as bodycams (streams), tickets, twitch, etc. Please refrain from mentioning other RP servers under any circumstances. This includes referring to them as other “cities/counties”. Using terms such as "gods" to refer to the GTA Admin Team is also an example of OOC.
  • Q: What are some examples of Fail RP?
    A: Some examples of Fail RP are: dropping items while being cuffed/arrested, abusing mechanics, excessive trolling, police baiting, taking a car out of a garage mid chase, repairing a vehicle at mid-chase, etc.
  • Q: What are some examples of Powergaming?
    A: Some examples of Powergaming are: constantly ocean dumping players in order to force them to forget memories and roleplay scenarios, and abusing in-city mechanics to gain an advantage.
  • Q: What are some examples of correct /me usage?

    A: Here are some examples of correct and incorrect usage of /me.

    Correct usage:

    /me bleeding heavily from my lower leg, from a large gunshot wound.

    This would be a helpful command for EMS while treating you.

    /me Having a technical issue, cannot hear you, trying to fix it.

    This would indicate to the other player you are having issues, allowing them to give you time to resolve.

    Incorrect usage:

    /me WTF Can you clearly see what you are doing? Reported.

    This would be a toxic use of and should be avoided.

    /me Chops off Jasons arm, he has lost his arm forever.

    This would be classed as forced RP on the other player and is prohibited.

  • Q: Something in the city has broken whilst trying to use it, how should we manage this?
    A: Please keep the flow of RP by rolling with any sort of bug (cars being “ghosted”, or saying a robbery or another script is "scuffed" while in-character) and report it afterward.
  • Q: What are some examples of toxicity?
    A: Some examples of toxicity are; mag Dumping after someone has already been downed, emoting over dead bodies, creating unnecessary drama, roleplay checking in any 3rd party communications, excessively bad mouthing players/characters OOC, Policing rulebreaks in RP.
  • Q: What are some examples of Forced RP?
    A: Forced RP is taking someone's character into an RP storyline that they wouldn’t feel comfortable with, or is outside the realms of their character. For example, causing permanent injuries to body parts.
  • Q: Can I ocean dump other players?
    A: Ocean Dumping should always be a last resort and is used to end that part of your RP story. Constant ocean dumping can be seen as power gaming.
  • Q: A friend of mine is wearing a mask, but I can recognise their voice. Can I identify them?
    A: Where possible people committing crime should try to conceal their voice, however, this is not always possible. Identifying a person by their voice can depend on the situation. Whilst you can suspect you know who the person is behind the mask, it is generally up to the person behind the mask to reveal their identity, or for Law Enforcement to remove masks, and visually check identification.
  • Q: Can I use one of the pre-created PEDs for my character?
    A: It is possible to utilise a pre-created PED for your character, however, you will be required to apply for your chosen PED via a Discord ticket before you’re able to use it. This is to avoid the confusion of having more than one player with the same looking character.
  • Q: How do I apply for a business?
    A: You’re able to apply for a business via a Discord ticket. Where possible, you should have been building a storyline around your business BEFORE you apply. You’ll be required to complete a short business proposal, a template of which can be found here. Businesses will be allocated and approved on the basis that they will be run for the betterment of the city, and not just for personal gain.
  • Q: How do I apply to allowlist a gang?
    A: You’re able to apply to allowlist your gang via a Discord ticket. You must ensure you have followed all gang rules and guidelines before you apply.
  • Q: What are some tips for being in a gang?
    A: We encourage all gangs to embody their chosen descriptions. Street Gangs should embrace the lifestyle of a street gang, encompassing appearances, mannerisms, vehicles, and activities like drivebys, hip hop, lowriders, SUVs, and fistfights. This expectation also applies to Motorcycle Clubs, Cartels, Mafias, and other groups as well. Gangs are responsible for enforcing this within their own ranks.
  • Q: Can donations be refunded?
    A: Donations of monetary value, time, MLOs and scripts are greatly appreciated. They support many great developments. It is important to note that donations cannot be refunded or returned, this includes if you decide to leave the community, or are removed from the community at admin discretion.
    Q: How can I look injured when I'm not down?
    A: You will be able to use a command "rpdown" to put yourself in a downed state to better RP injuries.
    You will be able to use a command "bleed" to leave behind Blood evidence.

A message from the CGH RP Admin Team

Guidance for storylines and story arcs in RP

Our drive as admins will always be to encourage community driven events, new stories, and creativity in RP interactions. In the past it was expressed to us that stepping in, even when trying to be helpful, came off as us attempting to "script the RP" or "box characters", that made for less organic and less satisfying scenarios. It is for this reason and our own RP desires as players that we avoid getting involved in storylines/ arcs unless absolutely necessary. So on that note, we wish to offer some guidance to consider when creating these new RP ventures for your characters.


A good story is one where you have time to experience the intensity, the laughts, the quiet and the tangled longevity alongside the characters. Think of your favourite RP experiences and arcs - were they all quiet, non action moments? All crazy intense GASP-worthy moments non stop? MOst likely not, the best stories give us time to soak everything in and play out at valleys and peaks at different times.

Ripple Effect

Consider that your story has ripples seen and unseen that stretch beyond your experience. Even a simple sideline observation of a large story can set off a small group of characters on their own new story arc. Your story can effect someone "six degrees of separation" from you as much as the group directly surrounding you for better or for worse. Never dismiss the importance of how your ripple effects other characters' daily lives and if it may or may not be desired. Additionally, your individual character decisions directly or indirectly can enhance someone else's RP as well. Be mindful, keep it organic!

Other perspectives

Keep in mind that what you observe in city or even via streams is not the whole story most of the time - There could be layers and layers of interactions you aren't aware of, so please don't discount an entire story arc by a group of characters simply because of only what you might be seeing.

Other side of the coin, never assume that just because your story arc is very clear in your mind that it is to other players; because of this be sure to also house understanding when their investment and excitement doesn't match your own.


Jult like life, things don't work out the way we see them or hope they will, but that can just as much be a positive thing if you run with it. Read the room, read the moments - adapt and be open to changes and new possibilities.