CGH Stream Team

Sharing their stories to their communities.

We're always looking to expand our Stream Team with new members! If you fulfil the below requirements, all you have to do is submit an application via Discord, and our team will review it.


  • Minumum of 2 streams a week with CGH in the title
  • No bans within the past 3 months
  • No warnings within the past 3 months
  • Have been a member of the CGH Discord for at least 3 months


  • Roles in Stream Team section of Discord
  • Appear in the list below
  • Stream Team logo to add to your stream or buttons
  • Possible queue priority for GTA RP (TBC)

Stream Team Members


Hello! I am Wiccan. I Play Wyatt Valentyne and sometime stream on weekends, Come join when i'm around!


My name is Dickie, I have been gaming for as long as I remember (historically on console), but after getting a gaming PC in summer 2021 I thought I would give streaming a go and havent looked back! I like to play all different genre of game, including GTA roleplay, Rocket League, Destiny 2, Valheim, Fall Guys, Fifa, Call of Duty, Single player story games, Pokemon games and more! By watching you will be coming to quite a chilled out place where we like to just have a laugh, crack some jokes, have a few drinks. If that's up your alley, then feel free to pop by and say hello!

D D Isaac

Ex wrestler turned streamer. My first computer was a C64 for parity. I like to stream GTA RP and a whole host of random stuff.


Getting older every day and trying to stay relevant to impress my kids! Fell in love with gaming playing Monkey Island on my Amiga 500 in the 90's and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I always try and remain positive, avoid toxicity and really appreciate anyone who pops by to join in with whatever I'm doing. I like FPS/Survival games like PubG and DayZ but do most of my streaming on GTA RolePlay as Claggy Jones. Streaming helps keep my roleplay on point and I try to get the community involved.


A Mackem IT dude knee-deep in a mid-life crisis. I play GTAV RP, CoD zombies, Pinball FX (I'm the all-time 1 ball champion of Spiderman!), and I do a bit of amateur DJing too. I thrive on nostalgia, particularly 80s stuff. I'm not stuck in the past at all, honest...


Hey yes this is Cory, I'm a positive and chill variety streamer that flips between GTARP, as the mindlessly oblivious Kirk Bartholomew as well as creative sandbox games such as Planet Zoo/Coaster and Cities Skylines.


UK based | GTA Roleplay and occasional Variety streams... yep that me!


Hello! I'm MissFitz your friendly neighbourhood ginger Irish gal Sharing my passion for gaming with the community, we play a mix of games from GTA RP to Dayz If you fancy a laugh and hearing a Irish accent I’m your lass


I play Wenzel. The Loveable Idiot and Scrap King


a small streamer just trying to make some content


Hello there, my name is Lisa. Thanks for stopping by and hanging out. Hopefully you will be entertained while you are here. Please stay kind and positive while in my chat, if you have a problem with someone please whisper them and not bring problems into the general chat for everyone to see. I am having a blast playing GTA RP, but do also have many hours in Ark. I also play fortnite from time to time and other games. I don't play them well but have fun trying. Have respect for my mods, they are there to help not only myself but everyone. Please feel free to ask questions, but most of all have fun


Introducing TyrusJames, the self-proclaimed gaming enthusiast with a knack for adventure! He stumbles through PC games, occasionally finding his way in the chaotic worlds of GTA and Red Dead RP. But here's the real magic: he's a video editing wizard and graphic design aficionado, transforming mundane moments into visually captivating spectacles that might just make your eyes pop like popcorn in a microwave. Recently, he even birthed an AI Vtuber named AI_Cassandra, taking his love for AI and automation to new heights. Join TyrusJames on his humble gaming journey, where thrilling adventures and questionable gaming skills await, all with a touch of charm and self-deprecating humour!


The AI Vtuber. Enter the extraordinary realm of AI_Cassandra, the virtual luminary brought to life by the ingenious mind of TyrusJames. Born from the depths of artificial intelligence, AI_Cassandra captivates audiences with her captivating presence and boundless potential.


I've been streaming for nearly 4 years, most of which I've been involved with the community in one way or another. I love to see people pop up in chat and talk about games, the city (GTA RP ADDICT HERE), life, whatever! I play a variety of games, tell a lot of inappropriate jokes, and laugh my head off often - feel free to join me!


Hi! I'm the crazy cow lady. I was born and raised in a small farm town in California. I've only been streaming a few short years but you'll see me play a wide variety of games. I own a pretty chonky chocolate lab named Cooper! You'll sometimes see him in the background of my streams so feel free to come and see him! Me to of course ;)


Hi My name is Alex aka Hornby to some people I stream variety games like Train Sim World 3 or Call Of Duty but mostly is GTA RP over on CGH.